What Are We All About?

Wisdom + Craft is a strategic product and service design consultancy that has a track record for solving our clients’ toughest customer experience problems with simple, elegant solutions. We believe that design makes the world a better place by alleviating the tensions between humans and their beloved machines.

What Makes Us Different?

The firm’s mission is to be a business that affects change and contributes to the lives of the less-fortunate through client work, company initiatives, and the contributions of individual employees themselves. We’re a for-profit company – for the profit of many. To achieve excellence in serving our Clients, we believe that a strong corporate culture produces empowered, engaged employees. (Be sure to read all about why this got started in our Origin Story)

Wisdom + Craft’s Guiding Principles:

  • Use our gifts and talents for the betterment of others; be a for-profit company – for the profit of many
  • Serve our Clients in ways that surprise and delight
  • Make remarkable discoveries through perpetual curiosity
  • Create opportunities that empower employees to play to their strengths and give a sense of purpose and meaning
  • Move design thinking beyond the enterprise
  • Focus on creating innovative products + services that positively affect lives
  • Learn for a lifetime; teach for a legacy

Interested in Joining us in Our Mission? We’d love to hear from you.