Servant Leadership

As user experience professionals, we know that possessing an “others-centric” approach to our work produces better results. So, we look for like-minded folks who find purpose and meaning in life by being in the service of others.

Perpetually Curious

Our work is our passion! With every project, we set the standards by looking past today’s technological limitations and persistently challenge the status quo.

Collaboration: Cheating is Encouraged!

We believe volleying ideas and challenging each other’s propositions yields better results. So, we look for people who really enjoy working with others. (Why else would you want to work for a group?!)

Playing to Our Strengths

We try and be very clear-eyed about what we are and are not as a firm. We believe in the philosophy of choosing to focus on a few skills and excelling at them. With this approach in mind, we collaborate with other people and firms who are the best at what they do. Working together, we feel we can offer the best solutions to our clients that don’t compromise on quality or solid execution.

A Commitment to Openness

We are are committed to transparency in all the things we do. From sharing our financial results with all our employees to working in an open and honest way with our clients. It’s part of our dedication to building a legacy of trust.

Learn for lifetime – Teach for a Legacy

One of our strongest, core beliefs is that we want to see our people succeed by helping others succeed; we’re lifelong learners and have a penchant for educators.

 We’re Currently Looking For:

  • Project Coordinators
  • Content Strategists and Production Specialists
  • Information Architects
  • User Experience Leads
  • User Researchers
  • Visual Designers
  • Front-End User Interface Engineers